Designer renovations tailored for BOTH you AND the market.

Renovations can be stressful. Between contractors, project managers, interior designers, and brokers, it’s easy to get lost in the process and miss out on not only a beautifully finished property, but an increase in resale value and future profit!

Homegirl eliminates these potential pitfalls by overseeing the entire project from start to finish. Led by Erin Dana Lichy, a real estate agent, designer, developer, and seasoned apartment flipper, our “resale designers” will make sure that every property, from a studio apartment to luxe estate, is given the same consideration usually reserved for major real estate developers.

We fill a hole in the industry. We ensure that your project is exactly what you want now AND what the future market will still find desirable and profitable when you choose to sell or rent your property.

Homegirl will help you create a home that you love… and that actually makes you money!

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 Residential renovations

Your home is so important. It’s the first place you see when you wake up, and the last before going to bed. It should inspire you and make you happy and whole, but it should also make you money! Renovating with this in mind changes the dynamic of the process, and helps you love your home that much more. We make the renovation journey seamless and easy.



Flipping a unit is an art form, and one that should be studied in-depth. We trend forecast and study the market to make sure that when the flip is delivered, it’s done to maximize profitability. Straightforward and simple, we streamline the flipping process.

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With multifamily buildings and small development sites, understanding current and future market needs is of utmost importance. We take the time to make sure that when the development is ready to come to market, it’s at max potential value for years to come.

brooklyn modern cool 


Nothing says Brooklyn like classic brick. This ground-up development was built to match it’s environment, but also to whet the palettes of East Village and Williamsburg dwellers looking to move into and invest in a place that would afford them space, luxury, and style. With all of that in mind, we added three roof decks and a glass penthouse on the roof, which gave unobstructed views of Manhattan and incredible sunsets. The floating staircase made the place look even more massive and gave an added hang out space/bedroom to the family who would live there. It was sold in just one year with a return on investment of 100%. 

88 Bleecker Street_TH_Kitchen_preview.jpg
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88 Bleecker Street_TH_Bathroom_preview.jpg
88 Bleecker Street_TH_upstairs_preview.jpg

indoor/outdoor living

bright penthouse in owner triplex

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owner triplex

new york city at night

views from penthouse roof deck during sunset

upscale design with theater district flair & midtown modernity 

World Wide Plaza is a well-known condo building in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood of New York City. Unit 6T is unique in the building in that it's positioned on the corner of a conversion floor with 12 ft ceiling height, massive corner windows, and a loft-like feel. Therefore, the two most important features in this apartment were it’s flooding light and theater views. We created a modern loft with pops of funk to mirror the Theater Districts’ fun elements as well as it’s sleek modernity. This unit sold at a bidding war for $65K over ask with a 150% return on investment just four years after renovation.

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kitchen before and after

kitchen before and after

village living at it’s finest


We decided to make this home a classic Hampton beauty. Evoking a sense of calm with it’s intricately landscaped outdoors and warm, luxurious inside, it’s both intimate and grand. The perfect vacation home for enjoying year-round.  

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spanish villa in the hamptons


With the intent to preserve the integrity of the original property, a small Spanish ranch-style home was transformed into a luxe villa. Incorporating the original architect’s design and style, this home is funky, colorful, happy, and classic, yet still unique.

As developers, we are incredibly mindful of the environment, and later installed solar panels on the roof. We are extremely proud to have developed the first house to have solar panels in Southampton Village!

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a mix of new & old to match the exterior environment


When renovating, it’s important to remember the time period and context of the unit or building. We too often rush to modernize, and can lose the individuality of a unit. Staying true to the original character of a home can evoke an emotional response from both the current inhabitant and the future one. This prewar gem needed an updated kid’s bathroom, so we cleaned up the tile, but repurposed the special bath fixtures to highlight it’s old, classic beauty.