Homegirl was founded by Erin Dana Lichy, a native New Yorker, real estate agent, designer, developer, and seasoned apartment flipper. Erin noticed that most of her clients were renovating their new homes simply for their personal preferences without ever considering resale value. Residential clients weren’t receiving the same support and advice that major developers receive from their agents, and this was leading to preventable mistakes such as not maximizing potential profit or even loss of property value!  

Erin was perfectly suited to solve this problem. Born into a real estate family that has over four decades of experience, Erin received her real estate license at just 19 years old. While working on numerous new development sites, her love of new construction and building lead her to receive a Masters from NYU in Sustainable Real Estate Development.

After graduation, she decided to shift gears and enter the world of entrepreneurship by launching a fashion company with her attorney husband. When reentering the real estate world four years later with the Eklund|Gomes team of Douglas Elliman, the #1 team in the nation, a light bulb went off, and Erin's two careers became one. Enter Homegirl.

The trend forecasting and market research Erin learned in the fashion industry beautifully combine with her insight into real estate market needs as a broker and her understanding of construction as a developer, giving Erin the unique ability to help individual investors design a gorgeous home that can make them money just a few years down the line. 

Erin believes in empowering women in the real estate community, and tries whenever possible to hire female designers, protect managers, contractors, and more. She hopes to inspire more women to enter the industry and share their talents!